3 Factors to Consider In Your Facility’s Commercial Lighting Design

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Trust the pros at CMI Lighting to install the best commercial lighting design for your building.

Every commercial property requires a robust, reliable, and efficient lighting design. The best way to ensure that you are satisfied with your lighting system is to hire experienced commercial electricians from CMI Lighting who know how to implement the best commercial lighting design for your property. There are many factors to consider, but three, in particular, can make all the difference between an average lighting design and one optimized for maximum convenience, efficiency, and safety. What are these three factors? 

IoT Smart Lighting

Many facilities and businesses are increasingly taking advantage of technological advances by upgrading to smart lighting. Motion sensors and floodlights have been commonplace for years, but the industry continues to expand and impact all elements of your commercial lighting design. You can now install features that let you set preferred lighting times with improved accuracy. You may also track activities using light fixtures with embedded sensors. By exploring the innovative lighting options available to you, you may be able to improve your building’s lighting efficiency and the comfort of your employees. 

Code Compliance and Wise Energy Consumption 

Businesses are responsible for keeping their energy consumption in check. Additionally, building codes may be updated, making it difficult to know which improvements can be made. A key benefit your commercial electricians bring to your commercial lighting design is the knowledge of code compliance and how it impacts energy consumption. 

One of the primary ways to improve energy efficiency is converting to LED lighting systems. LED lights help reduce maintenance costs, improve light quality, and reduce energy usage. Retrofitting your lighting to LEDs provides many benefits and is one of the best choices you can make to improve your facility’s operations. 

Install Outdoor Lighting for Curb Appeal and Safety 

Outdoor lighting is an essential part of commercial lighting design. Outdoor lighting keeps your parking lots and outdoor grounds safe and visible for both visitors and employees. Your lighting design must offer curb appeal in addition to safety. There are many factors your commercial electrician will consider to design the best outdoor lighting, including: 

  • High-intensity security and flood lighting to light up vast outdoor areas
  • Strategically-located pole lights as an alternative to high-intensity floodlights
  • Parking garage and covered canopy lights to increase safety and reduce criminal activity
  • Wall lights for illuminated hallways, staircases, pathways, and recessed areas
  • Roadway and street lights to improve overall security around the property
  • Landscape lighting adds extra character and elegance 

Proper outdoor lighting is now a necessary addition to your overall security plan. In addition to the security and visibility lighting offers, installing a complete commercial lighting design will: 

  • Enhance your guest experience
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Increase your property’s resale value 

If you are ready to enjoy these benefits, contact CMI Lighting today. 


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