How Your Company Can Optimize Your LED Retrofit

cmi lighting optimize led retrofit

Discover the ways you can best optimize your LED retrofit for best results.

Scheduling an LED retrofit with the commercial electricians of CMI Lighting can boost your building’s energy efficiency. LED lights last much longer, consume less energy, and emit less heat, making them ideal for installing throughout commercial locations that require lighting throughout the space and for many hours. However, knowing how to optimize your LED retrofit can be helpful. You can take steps to ensure you treat your LED lights with care and use the best accessories available to create convenient lighting for your company. 

First, Consider Your Reasons for a Retrofit

To make sure you get the most out of your LED retrofit, make sure you understand why you are doing it. For example, if you are switching to LED because of how they operate on a lower wattage and consume less energy, you should still keep in mind the lumens in the space to consider how that will impact your building. It’s essential to look at a retrofit from every possible angle to understand how it will affect your facility and overall lighting plan. 

Install Light Timers

One way to optimize your LED retrofit is to add timers to the fixture. The timers will automatically turn your lights off and on at particular times of day. This can be ideal for commercial properties or warehouse settings where lights are not needed 24 hours a day. By setting lights to timers, your employees do not have to worry about turning off every light before they leave the building. 

Use Occupancy Sensors

Another way to optimize your retrofit and install convenient LED lights is to use occupancy sensors. These sensors know when someone is in a room and will turn the light off automatically when the room is not occupied. These accessories, in particular, help improve energy efficiency, as no lights are ever on in empty spaces. 

Schedule Regular Cleanings

LED lights require little maintenance compared to other lighting fixture options. However, this doesn’t mean you forget about them entirely after installation. You should take the time to keep the lamps clean and dust-free with periodic or regular cleanings. 

Consider All Lighting Fixtures

To optimize your LED retrofit, you should update all lighting fixtures in a space rather than just one or two. You are not getting the most out of your space if you only update one or two fixtures while leaving the rest as they are. If you cannot change the non-LED fixtures, at least match the color temperatures of the lighting fixtures so the lights do not clash. 

Perform Lighting Audits

CMI Lighting commercial electricians are available to perform energy and lighting audits for your building. Our audits will tell you where to make adjustments and which lighting fixtures may work best for your needs. 

If you are ready to optimize your LED retrofit and enjoy more energy efficiency, contact CMI Companies today. 


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