The Best Outdoor Light Installations for Commercial Buildings

cmi lighting outdoor light installations

Outdoor light installations along your building’s walls and throughout the parking lot will provide visibility and safety.

As the days get shorter in autumn, it’s time to consider whether your commercial building has the lighting it needs to remain visible and safe for employees and customers after dark. When you have lighting that illuminates your outside walls, entrances and paths, parking lots, and other high-traffic areas, you make your business more attractive to customers, and your visitors will feel safer visiting your property after dark. If you do not have all the lighting you need, CMI Lighting electricians can provide the outdoor light installations you need this season. 

LED Wall Pack Lights

These LED lights are excellent for most of your commercial and security lighting needs. Anywhere your business needs lighting for long durations, LEDs can provide what you need. Wall packs can illuminate your building perimeters, illuminating not only the outside of your building but the paths surrounding it. These durable, long-lasting lights won’t fail when you need them but last throughout the season. 

Parking Lot and Flood Lights

Parking lot lighting and flood lights are essential outdoor light installations for commercial buildings. These lights are visible from a distance, which further helps people spot your building and parking lot. It indicates to visitors that you are open and care about your customers’ safety. They will feel safer knowing that the parking lot is entirely illuminated and that the strong lighting prevents theft and car collisions. 

Flood lighting can be installed to cover large areas of your property that might otherwise be shrouded in darkness. This lighting helps illuminate all potential access or hiding spots for intruders so you can deter crime. 

Dusk to Dawn Lighting

Dusk-to-dawn lighting is a light installation that uses sensors and timers to know when to turn on or off automatically. These lights are excellent for commercial building owners, as they can illuminate your building and deter theft and intrusion throughout the night but do not need to be turned off and on by employees. When business and evening hours don’t always line up, it can be much more helpful to have lights on automatic settings. You won’t have to worry about leaving the lights on and using unnecessary electrical power. 

Mini LED Wall Packs

Mini wall packs can provide you with just enough lighting for small spaces. These outdoor light installations are ideal for doorways, pathways, or wherever you need to make specific information more visible. 

Canopy Lights

Canopies are used in commercial settings like bus depots, gas stations, parking lots, and more. These covered areas must provide ample lighting for visibility throughout the areas. When installing canopy lights, choose durable LED lights built to withstand outdoor environments and high use.


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