How to Find the Best Recessed Lighting Fixtures for Your Office

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Remember these tips when selecting the best recessed lighting fixtures for your office space.

When exploring office lighting solutions, recessed lighting should be at the top of your installation list. Recessed lighting fixtures are highly appealing for office spaces because they can be used in myriad ways. Whether you want ambient lighting, general overhead lighting, or task lighting, these fixtures can illuminate your space in the way you prefer while creating a comfortable environment for your employees. Before selecting your best recessed lighting with your commercial electrician from CMI Lighting, consider the following five factors so you can more easily find the ideal lighting fixtures for your location. 

Can or Tube Fixtures? 

Recessed lighting includes any lighting placed within the ceiling for a streamlined edge with clean lines. Most people think of recessed lighting as circular can lights, but they can also be used in longer fixtures that utilize LED tube lamps. Recessed refers to the way that the fixture is mounted. The primary difference between can or tube lamps is that a long tuber solution would be better for an area needing more lumen output. “Can” recessed lighting fixtures are better for ambiance or task lighting. 

Find the Right Size

When selecting your rounded can recessed lighting, sizing is a crucial factor. Can lights come in small and large options, ranging in size from three inches in diameter up to six inches in diameter. The smaller units are best for task lighting and ambiance, whereas the larger ones can provide light for larger spaces.

Check Your Wiring Access 

When selecting recessed lighting fixtures, select options that are easy to install. When considering specific models, you may find that the wiring knockouts are in a place that doesn’t work well for your ceiling. You need to make sure there are multiple knockouts in the model to give you the necessary versatility to make it work for your wiring layout and ceiling. 

Consider Your Lamp Type 

Recessed lighting fixtures can be used with various light bulb types, as specified by each fixture’s guidelines. While compact fluorescent lights were once the go-to choice, LED bulbs are now the primary choice for office lighting. LED offers a much better return on investment since it consumes a lower wattage of energy per lumen output. LEDs are also a lower heat emitting option, making them ideal for smaller spaces where you are utilizing recessed lights. 

Select High-Quality Materials

The materials used in housing your lamps are important to consider as well. Since the “housing” is typically mounted directly into the opening of the ceiling for recessed lights, it needs to be made of durable materials to withstand the pressures of the placement. You want to select options with an aluminum, steel, or another strong metal frame to support the overall recessed light fixture. 

If you need further help to determine the best materials and bulbs for your recessed lighting fixtures, consult your electrician from CMI Lighting. We can help you find the most efficient options for your office. 


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