Tips for Outfitting a Hotel with Great Lighting

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Remember these tips for creating great lighting for your hotel.

Hotels have surprisingly diverse lighting needs. There are a wide variety of different spaces that have drastically different needs within the hotel. In hotel rooms, guests want to feel comfortable and more at-home. In work spaces such as conference rooms, the lighting needs to promote productivity and efficiency. And common areas need to be lit with practicality in mind. It can be difficult to keep all of this in mind as you plan out the lighting for a new hotel. Here are some tips to help you make sure your hotel has the best lighting for your guests’ needs.

Emphasize Practicality

It’s easy for hotel management to focus on the ambience of their space when planning lighting. It’s true that lighting serves an aesthetic purpose and can help you make your hotel feel more welcoming. However, don’t neglect the practical application of lights when planning out your needs. On the one hand, lighting that’s too dark can be quite dangerous – no one wants to struggle with their luggage through dimly lit hallways. On the other hand, overly bright lights come with their own problems as well. Keep practicality in mind with all of your choices. Task lighting is essential for rooms where work is being done. A mix of ambient and accent lighting helps bring the best out of your guest rooms and functions quite well.

Choose Quality and Energy Efficiency

These days, quality lighting and energy efficiency go hand in hand with the use of LED lighting. LED lights are very flexible, coming in a wide variety of styles, colors, and temperatures. Better yet, they save money on energy costs and don’t need to be replaced as often as other types of bulbs.

Don’t Forget Natural Lighting

Most hotel conference rooms are purposely designed without windows to reduce potential glare from sunlight. However, it has been proven that natural lighting increases mood, productivity, and focus. So if your design allows for it, try to incorporate natural lighting into your work spaces. If this isn’t possible, your electrician may recommend adding lighting that simulates natural light and helps create more comfort for your professional guests.


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