The Advantages of Underground Directional Drilling

cmi lighting advantages underground directional drilling

Underground directional drilling creates much less damage and mess than traditional methods.

Underground directional drilling is an efficient, modern method for installing electrical cables, pipes, and utility lines. The technique involves drilling a borehole underground and pulling the cable or pipe through it. What are the advantages of this modern method, and why do we use it at CMI Companies? The following advantages can be enjoyed by our clients when they opt for underground directional drilling. 

A Cost-Effective Option 

Underground directional drilling is a cost-effective method of installing electrical cables. Traditional trenching and excavation methods are labor-intensive and require substantial equipment and resources. This can quickly add up the cost of your project. When you use directional drilling, however, the process is much quicker, and fewer workers are required, which means the project’s overall cost is reduced. 

Minimal Disruption to Your Environment 

Underground directional drilling minimizes the impact on your local environment, as there is no need for trenching, digging, and excavation. This means no disturbance to the landscape or vegetation, and your property is not torn up and left looking a mess. This is especially important in areas where the environment is protected, such as parks, wetlands, and other sensitive areas.

Minimal Traffic Disruption 

When electrical cables are installed by traditional trenching methods, it can cause significant disruption to traffic flow in the area. Roads may need to be closed, detours must be established, and traffic must be redirected. This can be inconvenient for commuters and businesses and create a headache for everyone involved. Because underground directional drilling is carried out below the ground level, disruptions to road surfaces and traffic are greatly minimized. 

Increased Safety 

Installing electrical cables underground can reduce the risk of electrocution and additional electrical hazards. When cables are installed above ground, they are exposed to weather conditions and other factors that can damage the cable insulation. This then leads to electrical faults, which threaten people and property. By installing cables underground, you protect your cables from these hazards, which increases electrical performance and safety for everyone. 

Improved Flexibility 

Underground directional drilling offers much more flexibility than traditional trenching methods. When directional drilling, cables can be installed around obstacles such as buildings, roads, and other utilities. This means that the installation process can be completed in areas that may have been considered difficult or impossible to reach using traditional methods. 

CMI Companies recommend underground directional drilling because of the range of practical and safe benefits it offers clients. These benefits make this method the preferred choice for many projects today and into the future


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