Avoid These 4 Electrical Problems That Can Result From Summer Storms

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Take steps to avoid these electrical problems that can come from storms.

As summer approaches, the frequency of storms will increase, with rain, wind, and lightning posing a threat to your electrical system. If you want to maintain your commercial property’s electrical system and safety, it is important to take steps to prepare for potential electrical problems that may result from these storms. Your commercial electrician at CMI Lighting can provide you with the precautions your building needs to bounce back quickly from potential problems like power outages, damage to equipment, and more. 

Power Outages 

High winds can tear down power lines, and heavy rain can soften the ground and cause uprooted trees to fall. These problems often result from summer storms and can lead to electrical issues or a fire hazard if left unaddressed. One way to prepare for potential power outages is to have a backup power source on your property. Generators will supply your building with power, even if you have thrown circuits in your electrical panel. These generators can maintain your access to essential power before your electrician can visit for extensive repairs.

Lightning Damage to Electrical Equipment 

Lightning damage to electrical equipment can result from a lack of surge protection for your business. Using a surge protector can save your electrical wiring from being fried during a lightning strike. 

When lightning strikes your building, it can cause a power surge that fries your electrical wiring, including the delicate equipment in your electrical box. Surges can also damage appliances and electronics, requiring you to pay for replacements and repairs that could have been avoided. You can trust your CMI Lighting electrician to install power surge protection for your building to direct dangerous electricity away from your property. 


Power surges can damage your appliances but can also cause short circuits in your electrical panel that lead to a fire hazard. Lightning generates significant heat, leaving your property vulnerable to damage. To protect your employees and customers, taking precautions to prevent all electrical shorts or surges that can create sparks and electrical fires is essential. 

Water and Electrical Shorts

During summer storms, excessive water can pool on your roof or cascade through cracks in your walls or foundation. This water can cause electrical lines to become saturated, leaving your business vulnerable to a short circuit and other electrical problems. To protect your business against leaks in a storm, it’s important to repair any structural issues with your home or building. Our licensed commercial electricians at CMI Lighting can inspect your electrical system, make repairs, and suggest changes to prevent future electrical problems. 


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