The Importance of Commercial Surge Protection

cmi lighting commercial surge protection

Commercial surge protection can provide you with valuable protection.

Your building’s power can go out suddenly, even if there is not a visible storm outside. At any business, an unexpected power outage can be catastrophic for productivity. More importantly, when power is restored, it can lead to a power surge. Power surges can seriously damage electronics and sensitive equipment at your workplace. In a fraction of a second, your business could be on the hook for paying thousands of dollars. Commercial surge protection is one way to protect your business. 

Why Do Power Surges Happen?

A power surge occurs any time that abnormally high electrical voltage enters the circuits at your business. These surges are often undetectable and last a fraction of a second. They are more commonplace when lights are flickering, and power is restored after a power outage. A single commercial power surge can lead to a great deal of damage without commercial surge protection, as large equipment can be particularly susceptible to damage.  

What Is Wrong with Power Surges?

Commercial surge protection is so popular because many companies understand firsthand the potential damage that power surges can cause. A single surge could lead to untold damage because there are so many costly systems at your business that rely on electricity, like the HVAC system and elevators. Insurance companies are unlikely to cover the cost of repair or replacement, as power surge protection is typically a rider added onto your insurance policy.

Even more concerningly, the power surges after a power outage can also lead to electrical fires. This is because the wiring and outlets can be put under excess strain as the electricity returns. Commercial fires are a serious danger, even if you do not have sensitive or hazardous materials on-site. 

How Does Commercial Surge Protection Work?

Commercial surge protection should be part of your safety plan. We can outfit you with a cutting-edge electrical surge protection system that will ensure that everything on the property is safe in the event of a power outage or a power surge. Depending on the specific needs of your business and what types of things you are interested in protecting, we can install commercial surge protection features into your electrical meter or panel. Installing it where the power enters your building can prevent issues before electricity even has a chance to get to your electronics. 


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