How To Choose The Right Commercial Electrical Contractor

How To Choose The Right Commercial Electrical Contractor

Take these four tips into consideration for choosing the best commercial electrical contractor.

Whether you’re trying to retrofit an area of your business or you’re remodeling your whole building, choosing the best electrical contractor can be one of the most crucial decisions you make to ensure your project is completed well. Commercial electrical work demands an electrician who has the experience and skill set necessary to work on large-scale projects for businesses like yours.

Sometimes, it can be difficult finding the best commercial electrical contractor. But there are measures you can take to make sure you pick one you can count on to get the job done right. Take these four tips into consideration for choosing the best commercial electrical contractor.

Gather Recommendations From Your Network

Find good recommendations for a commercial electrical contractor by asking friends, family, and other business owners. Specifically, you want to ask them about the scope of their projects, and if they were ultimately satisfied with the result. You can even go to your local electrical supply or hardware store. They usually have a handful of professional names they recommend to people.

Verify License And Insurance

Picking the cheapest commercial electrical contractor may save you money initially, but you want to be sure your contractor is properly licensed and insured to carry out the task. By law, a commercial electrical contractor is required to carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance for any injuries and accidents that could happen on your premises. If you hire someone with minimal insurance, you leave yourself open to more risk, so don’t be shy about asking a company for an extra copy of their insurance certification. A trustworthy contractor should have this information easily accessible. Keep in mind that bonded electricians have insurance that covers you if the contractor abandons your project.

Assess Credentials And Training

When you’re interviewing an electrician, you want to evaluate their experience and competence based on the work they’ve done in the past. You also want to see if they are appropriately licensed. A company can be licensed as a Master or Journeyman electrician by their local county along with being state-licensed. If the electrician is a card carrier, they should have at least passed basic tests regarding code requirements.

Check Their Experience With Commercial Projects

Before you make a final decision, remember that the cost is only one factor you should consider. It’s not worth the risk of hiring an inexperienced commercial electrical contractor to save a quick buck. You want a capable electrician working for you who has plenty of experience on commercial buildings to ensure your project gets finished precisely the way you want it.

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