Why Commercial Electrical Safety Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

cmi lighting commercial electrical safety

Make commercial electrical safety a priority this year.

As your company ushers in the new year, now is an excellent time to set resolutions for your business. You should consider what can be done to improve the safety and efficiency of your building’s electrical system for the sake of your building, employees, and visitors. Considering the many significant dangers associated with electrical hazards, it is essential to prioritize your electrical safety. This is why commercial electrical safety should be your New Year’s resolution with CMI Lighting. 

The Importance of Commercial Electrical Safety 

Beyond the inconvenience of power outages or damaged electronics, the possible dangers associated with electrical hazards can have far-reaching consequences for your business. Commercial electrical safety provided by experienced commercial electricians helps provide you with the following. 

Prevent Accidents and Injuries

Electrical accidents can lead to severe injuries and fatalities. Electrocution, electrical burns, and shocks are all associated with faulty wiring, damaged appliances, or unsafe electrical practices. 

Protect Your Property 

Electrical fires are a leading cause of property damage. Faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, and malfunctioning appliances can lead to fires that devastate homes and businesses. Regular inspections and adherence to safety guidance can help prevent these disasters. 

Ensure Equipment Longevity 

Electrical appliances and devices are investments, and caring for them will ensure longevity. Overloading circuits or using damaged outlets can lead to premature wear and tear on those devices. You protect your company and safeguard valuable equipment by prioritizing commercial electrical safety. 

Comply with Regulations

Your company must comply with the strict electrical safety regulations put in place to protect workers. By prioritizing safety, you ensure compliance with these regulations and avoid legal issues or fines. Your electrician at CMI Lighting can help you stay informed of all local electrical codes and standards. 

Take These Practical Steps Toward Electrical Safety 

How can you make commercial electrical safety a priority throughout the year? 

Regular Inspections

Schedule regular inspections and energy audits from CMI Lighting. They will look for frayed wires, damaged outlets, or signs of overheating. You can then promptly address any issues.

Investing in High-Quality Products

Choose electrical products and appliances from reputable manufacturers. From wiring components to surge protectors, investing in reliable products installed by skilled electricians is a proactive step toward safety. 

Avoid Overloading Circuits

Overloaded circuits can quickly lead to overheating and fires. Be mindful of the number of appliances plugged into a single outlet, and use surge protectors to distribute electrical loads safely. 

Educate Employees

Maintain commercial electrical safety by ensuring your employees know all basic electrical safety practices. Educate them on the importance of not overloading outlets, responsibly using appliances, and reporting electrical issues promptly. 


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