5 Reasons to Schedule Fire Alarm System Inspections in the New Year

cmi lighting fire alarm system inspections

Schedule fire alarm system inspections with CMI Lighting professionals.

Your commercial property depends on a working fire alarm system to keep your employees, visitors, and equipment safe from the expensive damage that can occur from a fire. As homeowners should regularly inspect their fire alarms, commercial property owners should also have their fire alarm systems inspected consistently. The start of a new year is an excellent time to schedule fire alarm system inspections with your commercial electrician. At CMI Lighting, we can visit your property to assess your system and ensure that everything is in working order and your building has all it needs to provide the protection you desire. 

Protect People and Property 

The first and most important reason to schedule fire alarm system inspections is to protect the people and property within your building. Fire alarm inspections confirm a properly working system, creating a safe environment for any and all occupants. 

It’s the Law 

Regular fire alarm system inspections certify that building owners comply with federal, state, and local municipal laws regarding fire and building safety. 

Insurance Purposes 

Insurance companies often require proof that a facility’s fire alarm system is current with all inspection requirements. An even more valuable reason for maintaining a regular inspection schedule is that the claim may be rejected if a claim is ever filed on a property that failed to meet guidelines. Scheduling regular inspections will reduce any unexpected out-of-pocket costs resulting from insurance problems. 

Decrease Liability Claims

In the event of a fire, the liability due to injury by your occupants will be limited if proof of inspection can be provided. Evidence of inspection demonstrates that your fire alarm system is within code and operational. On the other hand, if proof of inspection cannot be provided, building owners may be held accountable for any damages caused by the incident. 

Discover Issues In Your Alarm System

In order to detect errors in your fire alarm system and ensure it is operating correctly, it is crucial to conduct periodic inspections with a professional. If you find that components are not functioning correctly, you can make a plan to remedy those deficiencies and ensure proper performance. If you want to ensure safety and reduce liability for your commercial property, schedule fire alarm system inspections with your CMI Lighting electrician. 


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