How Commercial Properties Benefit from an LED Lighting Upgrade

CMI Lighting LED lighting upgrade

Every commercial property can benefit from an LED lighting upgrade.

Proper lighting is one of the most critical parts of any commercial property, whether it’s illuminating the parking lot outside or lighting up a warehouse where workers use heavy equipment. One of the most popular types of lighting used in commercial workplaces today is LED lighting. What are some of the reasons why you should invest in an LED lighting upgrade? 

Versatile Lighting Solutions

Many offices and other types of businesses require different types of lighting depending on the task being performed in the area. While copy rooms and elevators only need dimmer lighting that is not quite as intense, open office spaces and the lobby can benefit from bright lighting. An LED lighting upgrade can accommodate all your lighting needs, including cool or warm-toned light.

Energy Savings

In an economy where prices are rising across the board, finding ways to save money on your expenses is a great idea. An LED lighting upgrade can reduce energy spending for a variety of properties. For example, office buildings with older-style lighting can benefit from energy savings of up to 70% when lightbulbs are replaced with energy-efficient LEDs.

Flexible Lighting Replacements

Some properties, like hotels, assume that an LED lighting upgrade would be so challenging that it isn’t worth pursuing. However, even installing LED lights only in common areas can radically improve energy usage and give you momentum to retrofit the entire hotel. For even more energy savings, you can also explore installing glass windows, doors, or skylights that introduce more natural light into the space to reduce your dependence on bright lighting. 

Motion Sensors

For the best possible results, it’s also best to choose LED lighting with additional features. Wall-mounted motion sensors are one way to limit the time that lighting is on without sacrificing the intensity and quality of the light being distributed. These are particularly useful for shared spaces, like an office or break room


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