Common Electrical Issues in Commercial Buildings and How to Prevent Them

cmi lighting electrical issues in commercial buildings

Your electrician can help spot and prevent electrical issues in commercial buildings.

In order to provide your employees and customers with a safe environment, there is a certain amount of maintenance that has to be done. On top of regular preventative maintenance, there are also numerous red flags that you should watch for, as they are signs that repairs need to be made. What are some of the most common electrical issues in commercial buildings? 

Dead Outlets

In older properties, dead outlets are some of the most common electrical issues in commercial buildings. While a dead outlet does not necessarily present an immediate hazard, it can lead to breakers tripping as employees are forced to overload other outlets or use power strips to get around the useless outlet. We can visit your property to evaluate your current electrical load, determine the dead outlet’s cause, and help replace it. 

Flickering or Blinking Lights

In some cases, the blinking lights in your building might indicate that you need to change the lightbulb. However, they can also indicate serious electrical issues in commercial buildings. If they are a symptom of electrical problems, it could lead to a fire at your property. If you notice dimming, blinking, or flickering lights and changing the bulb does not help, it’s time to call the professionals at CMI Lighting

Wiring Problems

Another one of the most common electrical issues in commercial buildings is wiring problems. Faulty wiring can happen at any time, even if you recently had the wires installed. The best way to find this problem is simply by paying attention. If you smell a burning smell when the lights are turned on, there could be an issue with the wiring. 

Faulty wiring is a particular concern if your building is older and might have extremely outdated wiring. If you smell burning, turn off the light immediately and call a professional to evaluate the situation and repair the wiring. If you believe a fire has been ignited, call 911 to have the space examined before calling an electrician. 

Crowded Wiring

Many commercial buildings were designed and constructed in an era that relied less on technology and electronics. As a result, some companies have added more wiring and outlets as they went along. While nothing is inherently wrong with this if it is done safely, all your wires coming through one or two openings in the drywall can lead to serious issues. This is one of the more dangerous electrical issues in commercial buildings, as the wires can rub against each other and lead to damage or a fire. 

Minimize Electrical Hazards With Help from CMI Lighting

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