What Are the Differences Between Residential and Commercial Lighting?

What Are the Differences Between Residential and Commercial Lighting?

There are quite a few differences between residential and commercial lighting. 

There are many differences between residential and commercial lighting. You may think that it’s just a matter of cost and design, but there are other characteristics unique to each type of system. Your options, the installation process, and overall planning depend on which type of system you’re setting up. It is important to understand some of the main differences between residential and commercial lighting to ensure that your system will support all your needs.


Comparing residential and commercial lighting is to compare the purpose and function of the two systems. A great example of such is the exterior lighting. Commercial venues traditionally require much more and brighter lighting than residential dwellings for the purposes of security, visibility, and marketing.


The fixtures for commercial spaces need to be more durable than those in residential applications. Products come with specific grades, so check the fixtures before making your purchases for residential or commercial grades. Another way to tell the difference is that for residential use, the fixture and bulb are usually sold separately whereas they are usually offered together for commercial use.


The design options are usually much more limited in residential applications than they are for commercial venues. This is tied directly to the purpose and functionality of the lighting as commercial lighting needs to be decorative, efficient enough to light large spaces, and direct customers to the door.

Power and Budget

Speaking of efficiency, energy efficiency has become a buzz phrase in the world of lighting. You could have guessed that commercial lighting is much more expensive than residential — about six times higher. LED lighting is a great option for both applications that will help save money and stretch the budget.


The first and most notable difference between residential and commercial lighting is the cost, which is generally lower for residential systems. Between the two, commercial systems also need to be much more durable. Energy efficiency is a great feature to have at home, but for businesses, having a system that saves energy translates to a larger profit for the company. There is a higher variety of specialized applications for commercial systems when compared to residential ones.


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