What Is Directional Boring, And How Can It Help Me?

What Is Directional Boring, And How Can It Help Me?

Directional boring equipment is the perfect solution for trenchless pipe renovations.

What exactly is directional boring, and what’s the reason pipe repair technicians are recommending it to me? Directional boring technologies are the tools used by experts regularly to repair underground pipes using a technique called cured-in-place pipe repair. The equipment is the perfect solution for trenchless pipe renovations. It allows experts underground access to any damaged pipelines on which they’re working, and it plays a significant role in making trenchless pipe repairs a possibility.

How Do Directional Boring Tools Work?

Any time a pipe repair expert inspects your damaged sewer connections and/or water lines, they could suggest trenchless repair solutions to help solve the problem, including:

  • Manhole-to manhood lining
  • Sectional point repair
  • Pipelining
  • Pipe bursting

Each one of these solutions is intended for different situations, but the commonality between them is that they all undergo the initial directional boring process.

The equipment is used for many different subterranean renovations. After pipe damage has been recognized, trenchless repair professionals will use directional boring technologies to gain access to your damaged pipe.

The first step is to create a “pilot hole.” This is the first boring point made to build a connection with your pipes. After the pilot hole is made, repair experts use directional boring tools to make the connection larger for the particular pipe diameters they’re addressing, and will then drill through the soil in accordance with the materials that are being cut. No matter what material the replacement pipes are made from, directional boring technologies makes it easy to access underground pipes and make the necessary repairs.

All The Underground Access Without The Digging

Directional boring technologies are useful to any homeowner because they are used instead of manually digging. This can result in thousands of dollars, as well as many days or weeks, being saved. Now homeowners can have their pipes repaired and brought back to fully functional condition without the hassle of digging, labor expenses, and landscaping requirements.

Directional Boring Is Almost Always The Best Means Of Renovating Pipes

The boring tools can restore pipes that have damaged by nearly anything. Between the lowered repair costs, safe and efficient installation, and minimal amounts of surface disruption, directional boring technologies make a lot of sense for most problems revolving around pipe damage. Directional boring and trenchless and cured-in-place pipe repair tools are the most generous pipe repair solutions on a budget and can be done in a non-invasive manner. They’re also great because they don’t disrupt traffic in any way. Using directional boring will give you peace of mind for many years.

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