Hiring the Best Electrician

Hiring the Best Electrician

Find out how you can select the best electrician for you.

When you need someone to handle your electrical work, don’t try cutting corners. Hire a highly-qualified electrician who knows how to get the job done right. When you have faulty wiring, it’s a fire hazard to everyone in the building. That’s not even the only reason it’s best to have an electrician help you out. Electrical work is technical and complicated. It takes vast knowledge in the field to get your lighting appropriately and safely done. Hiring a professional also means mistakes won’t be made fixing your lights, which could otherwise create more problems. The only question now is how to pick the best one for the job. Find out how you can select the best electrician for you.


Every electrician worth your time is going to have credentials. It will put you more at ease when an electrician can show you a license they have. There are two degrees you should be keeping in mind.

  • Master Electrician: Becoming a master means the person must have passed a standardized test and also have at least two years of experience. A master electrician should also understand the National Electrical Code as well as any modifications your state has made to the code. Master electricians are qualified to plan and design your electrical systems, as well as install and maintain them.
  • Journeyman Electrician: A journeyman electrician isn’t as qualified as a master, but they are still licensed by the state. Journeyman electricians can’t design electrical systems, but they can still install your wiring and equipment.

Picking the Best Electrician

Electricians usually have a specialty. Some work solely on commercial properties. Others may only work on new construction. More electricians may only go on service calls so they can repair faulty fixtures or dead outlets.

Most general contractors will have a short list of electricians you can trust. However, if your contractor can’t recommend one to you, you can check with your local home-builders’ association to get a recommendation. You can also check with an electrical-supply house.

When you’re interviewing an electrician, you should ask for a state license and proof of insurance. Both of these should be up-to-date. An electrician who works on standard residential remodeling jobs should usually carry at least $500,000 worth in liability insurance and workers’ compensation for themselves as well as their team.

You should also look at any past projects they’ve done. If you’re happy with the work they’ve done for other clients, there’s a good chance you’ll be a satisfied client too.

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