The Importance of High-Quality Exterior Commercial Lighting

cmi lighting exterior commercial lighting

The best exterior commercial lighting keeps your parking lots secure and your business easy to find.

There are countless benefits to having proper exterior commercial lighting for your business. Installing the best lighting ensures that your property is safe and secure, welcoming to all visitors, and conveys a sense of professionalism. While you may be well aware of how important it is to install the best lighting inside your property to make your guests comfortable and to ensure visibility, you must pay equal attention to your exterior lighting. The following benefits are the key reasons you should work with CMI Lighting to install your best exterior commercial lighting. 

Create a Great First Impression 

You can realize how important your outdoor lighting is when you imagine how the customer sees your building. Imagine, for example, that you are a person running an errand at night. You have two different stores to choose from: one is brightly lit, with all signs visible, and another is dark, and it’s hard to make out the space in the parking lot. Almost everyone will choose to go to the brightly-lit option. 

This is the first value of your exterior lighting: proper lighting gives your premises life and can make your customers feel comfortable visiting you after the sun goes down. This is highly convenient not only for stores open late but for the fall and winter seasons when the sun can set in the early evening. 

Exterior Lighting Adds Value to Your Brand 

You add value to your store’s brand when you install the best commercial lighting indoors and outdoors. Lighting is an excellent way to accentuate parts of your premises or office location that might not be as accessible at night. You may have a well-lit walkway, for example, that leads to your front door or have a spotlight in your displays that highlight your attractive deals. 

You want to ensure that you have enough lighting on your property to ensure that these features are highlighted and visible. Your outdoor lighting can also help draw your guest to your property: if the parking lot is visible and your store sign is illuminated after dark, your visitors can find you instantly. Now they can focus on exploring what you have to offer rather than navigating the darkness. 

Increase Your Building Security 

For ultimate security, you will want to ensure that every corner of your property is well-lit. This way, potential intruders will have a challenging time trying to gain entry onto your property, and you can easily spot anyone lingering or attempting to harass customers. You can install many different lighting options designed with security in mind. For example, motion sensor lights can be installed in infrequently-used areas to light up as soon as motion is detected. This way, the lights are only on when someone is in the area. 

Properly lighting parking lots and pathways also ensures that your customers remain physically safe. For instance, a dark parking lot increases drivers’ chance of hitting other cars or pedestrians because they didn’t see them. A dark pathway may lead to trips and falls, which can, in turn, lead to expensive lawsuits. 

If you want to improve your commercial property’s overall appearance, security, and experience, install exterior lighting from CMI Lighting today.


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