How To Maintain Your Exterior Commercial Lighting

What To Look For In A Commercial Lighting System

It’s important to maintain your exterior commercial lighting.

Your exterior lighting is just as important as your interior lighting because it keeps the outside of your building well-lit. These lights are responsible for making sure that the area outside of your building is safe, and that people feel welcome to enter your establishment. Over time your exterior lights may get worn down, but with regular maintenance, you can keep them working for a long time.

Clean Your Lights

As time goes on and your lights are exposed to the elements more, they will get dirty. Sometimes it’s because of a buildup of insects and other times it’s due to debris getting caked on to your light fixture. No matter what the cause is, it’s important to clean your light fixtures periodically to make sure that they’re working properly. If you are shining light through a dirty light fixture, you won’t be using your lighting efficiently. Ensure that you clean not only your fixtures but the internal reflectors and gaskets too. It’s also a good idea to check your lights for corrosion. Moisture from the air or from precipitation can lead to your light fixtures being corroded, and even having structural problems.


Upgrade Your Lights

After inspecting your lights or conducting an energy audit, you may decide that it’s time to upgrade your exterior lights. It’s helpful to take a look at your exterior lights at night because you’ll be able to see which lights need attention. You may be using lights that aren’t energy efficient, so you could consider switching to LED lights. Upgrading to LED lighting will not only save you money, but they are energy efficient and long lasting as well.


Replace Your Lights

Eventually, your lights will need to be replaced. While you can prolong the number of times it takes for this to happen by switching to LED lighting, it is inevitable that this will happen.  Sometimes you’ll even need to replace the entire light fixture you have been using. This is a necessary step to take because it will keep the exterior of your business well-lit. It may seem like a major project, but you can implement energy efficient lights into your new lighting system, which could save you money.


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