What You Should and Shouldn’t Do With Retail Lighting

What You Should and Shouldn't Do With Retail Lighting

Here are the dos and don’ts of retail lighting.

Retail stores do a lot to try and make sales, but there is more that can be done than using coupons and posters to promote sales on different items. Sometimes, the factor that makes the difference is the lighting in the area. That’s right; retail lighting holds more influence over sales than you may realize. There are many ways businesses can utilize retail lighting to draw customers in, but be careful because it’s also possible to mess up your lighting if you’re not careful. Here are the dos and don’ts of retail lighting.

Do Keep the Basics in Mind

Retail lighting should accomplish a few things, which are mainly to make the customers feel safe and highlight products so that sales will go up. You should consider the intensity of your lights, efficacy, and color-rendering index, known as CRI.

Don’t Go Overboard With Your Lighting

It’s possible for you to use too much lighting, so you need to be careful with how much you use. While you can gain many benefits from lighting the different areas of your business, shoppers can get overwhelmed if there is too much light. Lights could be too bright, or there could be too many different types of lights, which can distract customers from the products you’re trying to sell them.

Do Use Retail Lighting to Highlight Products

Retail lighting is perfect for drawing attention to whatever products you want to sell to your consumers. You can make it easier than ever to spot sales and new releases. Use lights to help guide customers throughout your store. Lights can also be used on signs to help people locate specific items they might be trying to find. If you go with a unique layout for your lighting, you’re sure to catch people’s attention.

Don’t Opt for the Same Level of Lighting for Every Area

You don’t need equal levels of lighting for every spot in your store. Sure, for items that are visible to customers, you may want to use lights to make them stand out more. On the other hand, though, don’t worry about using lighting around items that aren’t supposed to draw in attention.

Also, be careful about the level of lighting you use. Use more lighting when you’re trying to highlight something specific. If you use the same level of lighting everywhere, it’s harder for anything to stand out.

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