4 Signs You Need Commercial Electrical Repair

4 Signs You Need Commercial Electrical Repair

Here is when to get an electrical repair for your business.

Whether you’re a property owner or simply the manager, you know that there is a lot that can go wrong on a commercial property, and even seemingly tiny issues can quickly become big problems. While there are definitely some issues that you can certainly DIY on a commercial property, DIYing electrical fixes can lead to serious problems. When the issue is electrical, it is important to call in commercial electrical repair professionals. But if the problem isn’t huge, how can you tell you have an issue? Here are four key signs that you’re having an electrical issue in your commercial facility. 

Blown Fuses

A blown fuse is a sure sign that you’re having electrical issues of some sort and you are in need of an electrical repair. Fuses don’t blow for no reason. The fuses may be blowing because of a short circuit, a ground fault, an overloaded circuit, or something else. IF you notice this issue happening, you need a commercial electrician to come out and inspect your system. They should be able to find and address the issue easily.

Buzzing Noises

Your electrical system, be it the wiring, outlets, or fixtures, should not buzz. A good rule of thumb is that buzzing and electricity is a bad mix. If you notice a buzzing sound, it could indicate that there is a problem in the wiring, which could end up causing a fire. Poor connections often buzz, but they can also spark and melt – don’t wait! Call an electrician to check out the buzzing right away.

Loose Outlets

Your electrical system and all of its components should be properly secured when it is installed. If any of the wiring or outlets are loose, they likely were not installed correctly. If you notice even a small wiggle when you plug in or remove plugs, call your electrician to correct the installation issue. While the looseness isn’t a problem in its own right, it can lead to problems down the road, and it is better to address it now when the fix is easy.

Flickering Lights

If the lights in your commercial building flicker or dim unexpectedly, it can be a sign of poor connections or improperly installed lights. Many types of commercial lighting take a little while to turn on to full brightness, but once they’re on, they should have a consistent light output. If they don’t, or if you have lights that don’t turn on right away when you flip the switch, have a professional electrician check it out as soon as possible.


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