How to Tell Your Parking Lot Lights Need Replacing

How to Tell Your Parking Lot Lights Need Replacing

There are a few signs that should tell you it’s time to get your parking lot lights replaced.

Your business’s parking lot needs lighting if you want to keep your customers and employees safe. A dark parking lot makes it more likely for car accidents, vandalism, and other dangerous acts to occur. Parking lot lights do wonders for keeping these problems down to a minimum. But at some point, your lights will go out, and you will need to get them replaced. There are a few signs that should tell you it’s time to get your parking lot lights replaced.

Your Lights Aren’t Energy-Efficient

Just like various household appliances, you want to have parking lot lights with great energy efficiency. To achieve maximum efficiency, LED lights are often the way to go. The energy they use is anywhere from ⅓ to 1/30 of what other lights, such as incandescent bulbs, use. The exact energy usage will depend on how large the light fixture is.

Your Bulbs Burn Out Often

Your parking lot lights should last you for quite a while before they burn out. If you’re changing them out more frequently than expected, you should suspect that you have a problem. We turn to LED lights when aiming for lights with longevity. LEDs should last you far longer than other bulbs, meaning your parking lot will be brighter and safer for longer, and you won’t have to spend as much money replacing bulbs since you won’t have to replace those bulbs as frequently.

Rise in Crime

For any person who has been in a situation walking alone in the middle of the night, you likely would prefer to walk in a well-lit area. This is understandable because lighting lowers the chances of crimes taking place. Criminals won’t want to be seen in the act of a crime.

If you see more crime around your business, it could be because your lights aren’t performing very well. By replacing your old parking lot lights with new ones, you should have more reliable lighting to deter criminals from your area.

Increase in Utility Costs

Parking lot lights in need of replacing are going to take a toll on your electric bill. To get your energy bill lower, invest in new LED lights. While the initial price of the lights is higher, it will be worth it in the long run. LEDs use as much as 90% less power when compared to incandescent bulbs. This results in significantly lower energy bills.

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