Fall Lighting Maintenance Checklist

Fall Lighting Maintenance Checklist

Here is what you should do to get your lighting ready once fall comes around.

Fall is almost here, meaning that the days are getting colder and shorter. With the sun going down earlier each day, you’re going to rely more on your lighting than you had been during summer. You want to be sure that your lights are in good condition so that you’re prepared for the new season. Here is what you should do to get your lighting ready once fall comes around.

Walk the Perimeter of your Property

The best way to know if your lighting is fine is to check on all of the lights yourself. Walk along the edge of your property and see if there are any lights that aren’t turned on when they should be. The best time to check on your lighting will be at either dawn or dusk because there isn’t as much natural light, so you’ll know if something is amiss.

You’ll likely notice that some lamps have burnt out. If this happens, you want to get them replaced quickly. Also, take note of any plants that may be getting too close to your lights. If plants grow too large, they can interfere with your lights and make them less efficient. Removing excess greenery will let your lights thrive undisturbed.

Clean off Dirt and Debris

Removing dirt and debris from your lights allows them to shine brightly. Make sure you get under the cover and hit the lenses as well because this will help to bolster your lighting’s transparency.  If you’re worried about damaging your lighting fixtures, consider upgrading to light fixtures that have more durability, so you don’t risk damaging them while you clean.

Get Rid of Plant Material

While autumn leaves may be captivating, they create a burden for your lighting, so you’ll have to get rid of them. Keep all plants from making contact with your lighting and make sure they aren’t covering your lights. Low ground cover plants and tree limbs should be given extra attention because they grow over time and could get in the way later, even if they aren’t interfering right now.

Perform Maintenance on You Transformer and System

The last part of fall lighting maintenance is to monitor your transformers. Here is what you have to do to keep your transformers in good shape.

  • Ensure that your terminal block set screws are properly tightened.
  • Check and make sure if there are any damaged, exposed wires.
  • Rebury any lighting wires that have resurfaced over summer.
  • Bury your wires six inches underground.
  • Monitor your time clock programming and have its battery replaced.

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