Understanding the Different Types of Commercial Electrical Services

cmi lighting commercial electrical services

Learn more about the different commercial electrical services you can find at CMI Lighting.

Electricity is vital for any business, so access to reliable commercial electrical services is essential. From office spaces to large industrial complexes, commercial electrical services from CMI Lighting can help you ensure smooth day-to-day operations. However, not all electrical services are the same. Every business has different needs that require different services. Below are prime examples of the types of commercial electrical services your business may require from your commercial electrician. 

Electrical Installation Services

Electrical installation services are necessary when establishing a new business or renovating an existing space. The services included are installing wiring systems, lighting fixtures, outlets, electrical panels, and more. The experienced commercial electricians at CMI Lighting can install customized systems tailored to your business needs. 

Electrical Maintenance Services

Once your electrical system is installed, it will require occasional maintenance to prevent damage and ensure efficient operation. These services include routine inspections, testing, and repairing equipment such as electrical panels, breakers, and wiring systems. 

Electrical Upgrades and Retrofits

Commercial electrical services also include services that help your business grow and expand. Over time, your electrical needs may change, or more efficient alternatives may become available. In such cases, upgrades and retrofits are necessary. These services include upgrading electrical panels, replacing outdated wiring systems, installing new light fixtures, upgrading to LED, and more. Upgrades are often beneficial in improving your location’s energy efficiency and reducing electricity bills. 

Electrical Repairs 

Whenever any issues arise, you need a reliable commercial electrician to repair the problem. This can include replacing damaged outlets, fixing broken lighting fixtures, or repairing faulty sections of your wiring system. Timely repairs help you avoid dangerous electrical hazards and help you ensure that your business operations are not interrupted by lengthy power outages.

Emergency Electrical Services

Electrical emergencies can still strike, even with proper maintenance and care of your equipment. Factors such as weather can still impact your electrical system without warning. When emergencies occur, they need to be addressed immediately. Emergency electrical services include repairing power outages, restoring power to crucial equipment, and fixing electrical hazards.  

If you want to maintain your business’s electrical system with reliable installation, maintenance, retrofitting, and repair services, call CMI Lighting. Our experienced electricians are ready to provide you with the very best commercial electrical services. 


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