Energy-Saving Solutions for Your Business

Energy-Saving Solutions for Your Business

By using energy-saving solutions, businesses can reduce their environmental impact while saving significantly on energy costs.

Many businesses are making the switch to energy-saving systems and appliances to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce annual energy costs. By using energy-saving solutions, businesses can reduce their environmental impact while saving significantly on energy costs. After all, businesses consume more energy than many homes. Lighting fixtures are a popular choice for businesses making the switch to energy-saving solutions because businesses use a lot of lighting energy, and switching your lighting systems to more energy-efficient models is cost-effective and straightforward. So when it comes to finding the right energy-saving solutions for your business, here’s how you can save on energy costs and reduce your impact by addressing your lighting solutions.

Upgraded Light Bulbs

Traditional incandescent light bulbs emit 90 percent of their energy as heat–not as light. This makes incandescent lighting highly inefficient, and switching to more energy-conscious bulbs is a great way to save on energy costs. Many businesses have chosen to switch to commercial fluorescent bulbs, which use 1/5 to 1/3 the energy of traditional incandescents and last ten times as long. This has made them a good alternative for many businesses over the years, but the most energy-efficient option available to companies today is LED, or light-emitting diode, lighting. LED lighting lasts up to 25 times as long as traditional lighting fixtures while using 75 to 80 percent less energy. They are incredibly cost-efficient while also having the greatest reduction in energy use!

Energy-Efficient Technology

There are also many features available for your lighting fixtures that are sure to reduce energy costs and environmental impact. Technology such as dimmers and timers allow you greater control over how and when your commercial space is lit. Motion detection can let you take advantage of lighting when necessary, with timers that ensure your lighting energy is not being wasted. Features like dimmers can also improve the ambiance of your business, so there are energy-saving solutions for just about any atmosphere. Fully automated lighting solutions are also available to many businesses, in which lighting is powered by remote control or smart device applications. This can improve your business’s remote functionality while allowing you to monitor energy costs more accurately. Plus, fully automated lighting can help improve security for your business!

Commercial Energy Audit

Aside from switching your lighting systems to energy-saving alternatives, there are plenty of other ways to reduce your business’s energy use. A commercial energy audit can help you to evaluate your commercial facility’s current energy use while identifying areas that can be improved so that you can reduce your carbon footprint, reduce energy costs, and improve functionality and comfort for your business.


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