Outdoor Lighting Spring Checklist

Outdoor Lighting Spring Checklist

We suggest following this spring maintenance checklist for your outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting is an important part of any business. Lights provide elegance, security, and safety to people outside of your business, improving its overall beauty and functionality. One thing you don’t want is to have your lights go out. The impact of winter on your outdoor lighting should not be ignored. It’s important to check your lights now that spring is here. We suggest following this spring maintenance checklist for your outdoor lighting.

Check For Winter Damage

Now that winter is over, you can properly address any problems caused by snow. There may be damaged lighting fixtures caused by various winter activities like sledding. You could have cracked lenses or bent path lights that can compromise the look and functionality of your outdoor landscape. These fixtures need to be replaced as soon as you can.

Sometimes, when the ground freezes and thaws, your outdoor lighting fixtures can get pushed upward. Because of this, you may need to realign your lighting fixtures and situate them where they’re supposed to be.

You may also have to clean your outdoor lighting fixtures since melting snow can leave some minerals on your lenses. This can make your lights seem dimmer. If you need to clean your lights, all you should need is a non-abrasive cloth and a CLR variety of cleaner.

Check for Common Landscaping Mishaps

  • Clean Lighting Fixture Area: Sometimes, when people mulch their landscapes, they can accidentally obstruct their outdoor lights. Plants can also block off light once they grow too much. That’s why you should take some time to clear off excess mulch and trim your plants.
  • Clean Lenses: Your lenses will likely have plant debris on them that has piled up over the fall and winter. That’s why you need to take time to clear off all of that debris.
  • Cut wire: Sometimes, when you’re edging out mulch beds, it can cause your wires to get cut. If you cut your wires, there’s a chance your lights won’t work anymore. Flagging your property is a great precaution you can take to keep your wires from getting cut.

Find a Company to Handle Your Maintenance and Repairs

Handling all of the repairs and maintenance yourself can be a real hassle. Instead, why not hire an outdoor lighting company to take care of these tasks on your behalf? They have the expertise to get the job done right the first time, and they may even notice problems that went under your nose.

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