Advantages LED Lighting Has Over Traditional Lights

Advantages LED Lighting Has Over Traditional Lights

Find out what LED lighting has over traditional lights that promotes its popularity.

In recent years, LED lighting has gotten a lot of popularity. Many people are switching their incandescent bulbs with more energy-efficient LED alternatives. But what makes LED lights so popular? Find out what LED lighting has over traditional lights that promotes its popularity.

Longer Lifespan

One of the largest advantages of LED lighting is the extended lifespan. They last up to four times longer than fluorescent bulbs and up to 40 times longer than your typical incandescent bulb. When bulbs last longer, you don’t have to replace them as much. It’s less maintenance, and less money spent.

Energy Efficiency

LED lighting is more energy-efficient than other lighting options. LEDs tend to consume lower amounts of energy. LEDs don’t let off as much heat  energy as incandescent bulbs, meaning the energy that gets used is primarily for lighting.

LEDs are Safer

Safety is an advantage of LED lighting that gets overlooked often. One of the biggest dangers of lighting is the heat that gets emitted. For incandescent bulbs, over 90% of the energy they emit is strictly heat, while only around 10% gets used for actual light. LED lighting has a better energy-to-light ratio. Also, LEDs use less power so that they can be used on low-voltage electrical systems. If something ever goes wrong, LEDs are generally the safer option.

LED Lights are Smaller

The physical LED light bulb is incredibly small. Because of their small size, LED lights can adapt to a wide range of situations. It makes a lot of sense to switch to LED lighting when your lights are more flexible.

Dimming Capabilities

One of the convenient features of LED lighting is that LED lights can function at varying levels of their rated power. This means you can dim your lights if you want. Keep in mind that you will need specific hardware to acquire this feature, but it’s handy to have lights that can be adjusted; however, you like.

Safe for the Environment

Many traditional lighting options have a downside that impacts the environment. LEDs don’t have this problem. That’s because most other lights have mercury in them, which requires them to be handled cautiously. This is not a concern when you have LED lighting.

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