Why Light Poles Are Important and How You Can Maintain Them

cmi lighting light poles are important

Learn more about why light poles are important and how you can maintain them.

Light poles play a crucial role in establishing the safety and security of your parking lots, commercial centers, or industrial facilities. Considering the winds, vibrations, and corrosion the lights are subject to in their typical outdoor environment, frequent inspection and maintenance are recommended to ensure that your property’s light poles are safe, functional, and structurally sound. The commercial electricians at CMI Lighting understand what makes light poles important to your property and is here to provide the proper maintenance to keep them running. 

Why Light Poles Are Important to Businesses

Light poles make it easier for drivers and pedestrians to navigate dark roads, parking lots, and walkways so people can avoid disastrous accidents and injuries. Light poles also discourage crimes like theft and vandalism and provide extra security to businesses that are open after dark. This includes many businesses in the winter, as the nights get longer and longer. 

When given a choice between a bright, well-lit business and one with insufficient lighting or burned-out and flickering bulbs, customers will choose the brightly-lit business simply because it feels safer. It also conveys the business owners’ pride in their business and their care in presenting a professional experience to all visitors. 

The Importance of Light Pole Maintenance

Over several years, winds, vibrations, metal fatigue, and corrosion can affect the structural integrity of each light pole. This damage increases the chances that it will topple over during inclement weather or from accidental impact. The constant flexing can also damage wires and cause electrical hazards. Normal wear and tear can cause bulbs, photosensors, and timers to fail. Routine maintenance and inspections of your light poles are critical to avoid injuries, property damage, and operation failures. 

What Light Pole Maintenance Includes

Many actions are included in light pole maintenance, all designed to spot problem areas and resolve them before more significant issues develop. 

  • Inspecting the light pole base: High winds can cause welds between the base plate and pole to fail. The welds should be checked for cracks, flaking, and other damage. 
  • Check for corrosion damage: Check the entire pole for rust and corrosion, which deteriorates metal and makes it prone to cracks or breaks. Corrosion should be corrected by removing the affected sections, welding in new panels, or replacing the pole
  • Inspecting fasteners: Bolts, nuts, and screws work loose over time. Every fastener should be checked for tightness, and nut covers should be replaced to prevent tampering. 
  • Inspecting arms and fixtures: Arms, light fixtures, brackets and other attachments should be checked for missing fasteners, looseness, and metal fatigue. 
  • Checking covers: Hand holes and base covers should be evaluated and replaced if missing or damaged. 
  • Electrical system: The light pole should be tested for stray currents, defective grounds, shorts, or other electrical problems to avoid shock hazards. 
  • Replacing bulbs: Bulbs and ballasts should be checked for correct operation. 
  • Testing control systems: Photosensors, timers, and other controls should be tested for proper operation. 

Contact your commercial electrician at CMI Lighting to learn more about light pole inspections and maintenance. 


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