How Power Surges Can Impact Your Commercial Equipment

cmi lighting power surges affect commercial equipment

Find out how power surges affect your commercial equipment.

The most dangerous part of summer is the fairly common electrical storms that come through and the potential for power outages—both present hazards to health and safety, especially for businesses. Many businesses rely on consistent electricity to function, and in a place like a hospital, a lack of power can cause vital equipment to fail, and lives could be at stake. Lack of electricity is not the only threat of summertime storms. Power surges are often the result of lightning strikes or the surge of power being restored after an outage. These power surges can impact your commercial equipment. This is so prevalent that an ESFI (Electrical Safety Foundation International) survey reported that 80% of IT centers, 76% of industrial centers, and 69% of healthcare providers reported that power surges damage their equipment.

The Damage That Power Surges Can Cause

During a power surge, the influx of electricity is much more than the standard amount that the electronic equipment is built for. The excess charge overwhelms the circuits of the equipment and causes it to shut off or, in some cases, destroys it entirely. Think about the commercial equipment that you have in your facility. Power surges can impact your commercial equipment, including everything from your computers to the specialized equipment unique to your industry. If it just stopped working thanks to a power surge, you wouldn’t be able to do your work. If this happens, you may have to call a commercial electrician to come out and repair the systems or possibly even completely replace them – and both options would be costly.

How to Protect Your Commercial Equipment

As a business owner, you want to do everything you can to protect your business and your equipment against common electrical problems like power surges. Commercial surge protection is a necessary safety precaution that can save you money and lose business if you experience a power surge. One solution for power surges is to unplug equipment during a storm, but how many summer storms happen while you’re away from the office? And more than likely, a lot of your equipment cannot be randomly unplugged and left off for the duration of a storm. Instead, invest in and install surge protectors to protect your equipment. The surge protector is designed to switch off and block the current in the event of a surge of electricity. The surge protector prevents the surge from damaging your electronics, saving everything you have in your business.


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